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DLVPlayer / M3U import and usage
« Last post by Administrator on January 16, 2017, 12:49:15 PM »

- Go File->Advanced playlist:
 - Hit "Playlist create" tab:
- Hit "Import" button.
- Select M3U file. Press Ok.
- DLVPlayer parses M3U file and shows its content in "Playlist content" list (may take a while for a big lists).
- Press "Save playlist" button (may take a while for a big lists).
- Hit "Simple playback" tab.
- Select required playlist in "Playlists" list.
- Press "Add to Live".
- Press "Play" and enjoy.

NB. Please use VLC or FFPlay inputs to play URLs. "Internal" player is not stable for streams and it does not support many of them.
DLVPlayer / How to play YouTube movies...
« Last post by Administrator on January 16, 2017, 12:30:01 PM »
Starting since 3.400 DLVPlayer is able to play YouTube and some other similar site movies.

- DLVPlayer
- VLC v.2.2.4 player installed somewhere
- youtube.lua file (see attachment).

What to do:
- Go to VLC player installation directory, for me it is "C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\".
- Go to "lua\playlist" subdirectory. You  will see there ~30 luac files.
- Remove the original "youtube.luac" (back up it somewhere).
- Save "youtube.lua" taken from link below into this directory.

- Open DLVPlayer
- Hit "Inputs->VLC".
- Go to "File->Open->URL"
- Paste any YouTube link, press Ok. DLVPlayer may ask you the path to VLC player ("vlc.exe"), please provide correct path.
- Press Play.
DLVPlayer / Re: ...Player problems...
« Last post by Administrator on October 12, 2016, 07:58:18 AM »
Performance tests (I5-2600, Intel motherboard (which one?))

Please do not think cheap embedded video card will work with this Player, buy middle or high level video card please.
Tested successfully with Nvidia GTX 750 Ti, Nvidia Quadro 2000.
FIXED since SE v.3.3
DLVPlayer / Re: ...Player problems...
« Last post by Administrator on October 11, 2016, 03:32:10 PM »
From scratch installation:

1. Install Win10 (Win7 should also work well).
2. Download and install "Desktop Video" (
3. Restart.
4. Ensure "Firmware updater" completed successfully.
5. Restart.
6. Install latest video card drivers (they might be installed already).
7. Restart.
8. Download and install KLite codec pack (
9. Restart.
10. Open Windows "Device Manager", ensure your DeckLink card installed successfully.
11. Download and install DLVPlayer. During installation do not uncheck any components (VS2013 redistribution package and DirectX End User Runtime).
12. Optional. DirectX End User Runtime full package could be downloaded from Microsoft site ( and installed.
11. Launch DLVPlayer.

No more extra steps required.

VLC player:
1. Download VLC player v2.2.4 (
2. Install it into "Program Files (x86)\Bumblebee\DLVPlayer{xxx}\externals\vlc\" folder.
3. Start DLVPlayer.
4. Select "VLC" in "Inputs" menu.

FFPlay player:
1. Download FFPlay player (
1.1. Choose "Download FFmpeg 32-bit Static" or "Download FFmpeg 32-bit Shared" versions.
2. Unpack the content of "bin" folder directly into "Program Files (x86)\Bumblebee\DLVPlayer{xxx}\externals\ffmpeg\" folder.
3. Start DLVPlayer.
4. Select "FFplay" in "Inputs" menu.

"externals\vlc" and "externals\ffplay" folder structure:
DLVPlayer / Re: ...Player problems...
« Last post by Administrator on October 11, 2016, 03:05:00 PM »
Bottom panel messages:
1. "DirectShow graph, pin connection failed"
- You do not have codec packs installed, or they are incorrectly/partly installed, conflict with some other codecs or your media file is not supported by codecs (too new).
- Try to reinstall KLite codec pack, check if Media Player Classic (included to Klite codecs pack) is able to play your file correctly. If Media Player Classic does not want to play your file, check it is valid or wait for updated KLite.
- If It plays fine, open DLVPlayer set output to "Null" (DeckLink card output disabled) and check if the file previewed correctly...

2. "DirectShow graph stream error"
- Some DirectShow internal error has happened. Playback stopped.
- Update codec packs or check video file.

3. "DirectShow graph, can not add source filter"
- DirectShow is not able to recognize file content.
- Update codec packs or check video file.

4. "Graph, no input pins found" or "Graph, no output pins found"
- Error building DirectShow graph.
- Update codec packs or check video file.

5. "Undefined spare plane mode, error!"
- DLVPlayer internal error. Notify me.

6. "Frame processing time > 20 ms: {some time}"
- Incoming frame processing is too slow, most probably DeckLink card / driver issue.
DLVPlayer / ...Player problems...
« Last post by Administrator on October 11, 2016, 10:13:24 AM »
If you have problems running player...

Those videos may help:

1. No DeckLink cards in the list of "Outputs"
- DeckLink Desktop Video has not been installed.
- Motherboard <-> DeckLink card conflicts.

2. Low frame rate, video stops all the time.
- There is a watch dog timer it stops Player if frame rate is low (<10 fps) or too high (>60 fps).
- This watch dog timer enabled for external player only (FFplay, VLC).

3. Bottom panel message log is too short < 100 lines.
- Increase/decrease if needed in dlv_settings.ini located in "C:\ProgramData\DLVPlayerxxx\" folder(s)

4. FFPlay crashes every time.
- FFPlay rendering changed. Was - GDI, now OpenGL.
- I am working on it (the updated DLVPlayer exists, not released yet. @11.10.2016)

5. Low frame rate. You are lucky Intel HD 2000 owner (or similar cards) FIXED since SE v.3.3

6. YouTube links are not playable or some of them are not playable.
- visit this page please

7. You enter registration data (user name and key), but player is not registered anyway.
- Ensure you gave me correct UniqueID. It must be taken from the same PC! If you take it from other PC, registration fails!
- Ensure you gave me correct information about Player version! You must give me uniqueID from Player ver.X.X.X  and register exactly same version!
- Ensure you are administrator or power user on the PC.
- I have dozens successfully registered Players.
- Off. I have only one complain about failed registration. Not clear why. Investigating...

8. There are 2 builds available. "dlvplayerse_xxx_setup.exe" and "dlvplayersef_xxx_setup.exe" what is the difference?
- "dlvplayerse_xxx_setup.exe" contains only Player files, nothing more (VLC, FFPlay).
- "dlvplayersef_xxx_setup.exe" includes Player, VLC and FFPlay (no extra steps to install required).
- If you are limited in HDD/SSD space and have VLC and FFPlay installed somewhere - your choice "dlvplayerse_xxx_setup.exe"
- If you want to run setup once and get everything - your choice "dlvplayersef_xxx_setup.exe".
DLVPlayer / Re: DLVPlayerSE
« Last post by Administrator on September 28, 2016, 01:48:19 PM »
Hi. V3.000 has been released.

Thanks for those who helped me!

This project is still alive, I do feel some interest to from your side, thanks.

1. VLC supported v2.2.4 (at least)
- Install VLC player into "externals\vlc\" subfolder of DLVPlayer. Restart player. Select "VLC" in "Inputs" menu.
- Use VLC to play streaming media or files
- VLC mode is working in XRGB now, others are slow, investigating.

2. Interlaced outputs are supported now. Previously they worked but image quality was terrible (missing fields).
- I tested 1920x1080i50, PAL modes... fine!

3. Added "Stretch" mode (fit to screen). Use "fit to screen" if you see some underscanned output.
- Go to "Setting" menu "Stretch mode" and choose needed.
- default stretch algorithm is "Letterboxing".

4. Added command line arguments. Starting Player from command line you could set url and input/output modes.

5. Greatly improved performance.
- "Internal" player supports UYVY mode now (ARGB, XRGB, UYVY supported).
- DeckLink card may work in UYVY mode also, but video frame size must be same as DeckLink frame output. Stretching - disabled.
- Preview thread is separated from DeckLink render thread. Time to render single frame decreased.

6. Fixed "Internal" renderer (DirectShow). Minor fixes. Audio stream detection fix. Graph building is faster now. DirectShow renderer is the faster renderer available, please use it as much as possible.

7. DLVPlayer should support now all the none english locales. Testes with Chinese locale - working...

Bad news:
FFPlay is disabled. Developers updated FFPlay. Now it works using OpenGL acceleration (instead of GDI). I need time to investigate this mode and fix DLVPlayer.

Demo mode:
- Demo message has been removed - too much time required to render it.
- Added 2 horizontal stripes. They are green if video decoder is in UYVY mode and gray if it is XRGB.

If you have troubles visit
DLVPlayer / Re: DLVPlayer Home edition
« Last post by Administrator on May 29, 2016, 04:38:37 PM »
27.05.2016 was updated from SE version:
- Now you are free to choose DirectX accelerator to play video.
- Stability... I had a feedback it crashes from time to time. It was the truth. There were problems releasing DirectShow instances. I suspect that previous codec packs I used before were slightly different (in case of object destruction timings), after codec packs updates player crashed sometimes. Now, it is fixed. Waiting an updated codec packs ;o)
DLVPlayer / Re: DLVPlayerSE
« Last post by Administrator on May 29, 2016, 04:25:34 PM »
Version 2.102. News:

- new UI. Probably not a best one but more comfortable now.

- Added "Open MXF" folder feature. I had request for this feature. Customer wanted to merge MXF audio and video channels in realtime using a pair of programs: FFPlay and FFMpeq (FFMpeg - muxer, FFPlay - player). It is working now, he is probably happy. If you also need this feature working, please install both applications FFMpeg and FFPlay into "externals\ffplay" folder, select a folder containing both audio and video files (audio file must ends "audio.mxf", video file must ends "video.mxf", for example: { my_audio.mxf; my_video.mxf }.

- Side effect feature - commands. You can use a command like:
Code: [Select]
$(FFMPEG) -ss 0 -lowres 2 -i "c:\tmp\somefile.avi" -i "c:\tmp\some_audio.mxf" -c:v libx264 -c:a copy -f matroska - | $(FFPLAY) -autoexit -
to merge audio and video in realtime and play it immediately. To do it go to Open URL menu and insert this command instead of some URL. When you try to play player check if files available and starts them to merge/play. More about FFPlay/FFMpeg commands you can find browsing their web site. Of course both applications (FFPlay/FFMpeg) must be installed into "externals\ffplay" folder, otherwise the miracle won't work.

- Stability. Yes, as usual... DLVPlayer is a multi threaded application intensively using IPC, it is mostly free time "proof of concept" developing but it really works (sometimes ;o), joking...).

I have plans:
- Improve play list - make it more flexible (drag and drop, windows metro style, time schedule etc...).
- Add automatic vob files search and play.
- Add automatic file search in some folder.
- Fix and improve M3U file support (auto update in background, probably something more), this feature is buggy now.
- anything else... make a request..

DLVPlayer / Re: DLVPlayerSE
« Last post by Administrator on May 10, 2016, 09:02:38 AM »
changes in v2.010:
- Found forgotten but still used frame buffer. Removed now... It was: external frame buffer -> IPC -> frame buffer -> DirectX buffer -> DeckLink buffer, now: external frame buffer -> IPC -> DirectX buffer -> DeckLink buffer. As a result: better performance, better video - audio synchronization, lower memory consumption (exactly one frame buffer).
- Rare deadlock while exiting player and stopping video, code simplified.
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