C++ software developer - this is my current position in VideoBet company ( I started to work there ~6 years ago. My primary role in this company is very close to rendering, audio / video processing, API hijacking / hooking. DirecX, OpenGL, DirectSound, DirectShow, DirectMusic are mine primarily close friends. My current tasks:
- modify and maintain internal game GDI engine;
- create overlay game engines (OpenGL, DirectX, GDI);
- create multi window video banner players (DirectX, DirectShow);
- stealth inject mini render engines into existed render engines (DirectX, OpenGL, GDI);
- many other tasks, crash dump analysis, remote debug, helper tool writing, etc...


Software engineer. Started as a junior finished as a senior 4 years later. Participated in real projects like Ingenico payment terminals firmware development (held in Scotland), Ford Motors hybrid vehicle firmware development (held in Scotland), Renesas MCU chip development board firmware development (started from 8 bit MCU, finished with 32 bit ones) (held in Estonia), Remote debugging application development (held in Estonia), Johnson@Johnson blood shugar meeters firmware development (held in Estonia) and some more others.


I do not relax at home, I like doing something interesting, investigate new development languages, technics, frameworks. Sometimes I am lucky to help other in development something special.

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