DLVPlayer means DeckLink dedicated video player. This is the video player which is able to use BlackMagic DeckLink extension cards as a target (output) device (I use Intensity Pro PCI-E card) Optionally you can use it like full screen video player. In general, DLVPlayer enumerates all the DeckLink cards, monitors or TV sets attached to your PC and redirects video and audio streams to the chosen one.

SE version could be used like simple IPTV player. M3U playlists could be imported also. Stream playback is available for inputs like FFPlay and VLC - they are external processes used to play streams or files.

There are 2 DLVPlayer-s available:
Feature: DLVPlayer HE,
Home Edition
DLVPlayer SE,
Standard Edition
DeckLink support + +
Multi monitor configuration support + +
Preview pane + +
Optional output video modes + +
Optional output video devices + +
Optional output audio devices + +
Brightness, contrast, gamma control - v.3.6+
Image manual stretch (up / down) - v.3.6+
VU meter (peak, history and average values) - v.3.6+
Aspect / scale +- v.3.6+
Constant/stable output frame rate (while switching between different media) + +
3-rd party media player support - + (VLC, FFPlay)
Streaming media support - + (best for VLC, FFPlay inputs)
3D video (SideBySide) + +
YouTube - +
4K video playback ? 4K->2K (Internal2 input only)
Further customization - +
Price (PayPal), EUR 30 55

Screen shot: Player screenshot


  • Windows 7, Windows 10
  • Intel I5-2500 and better
  • DirectX9 compatible video card, GTX 650 and better, ATI also work well, embedded Intel cards (HD 2000 and similar) are slow. Stating from v3.6 shaders 2.0 required
  • Any DeckLink compatible card (Intensity Pro, DeckLink Duo, 4K Extreme, Mini Monitor were tested successfully).
  • Latest Desktop Video


  • Please close all the other programs accessing DeckLink card used
  • If you have 2 DeckLink cards or one having few outputs (Duo, Quad etc.) you can launch 2 or more DLVPlayer instances, setup output (avoid conflicts) and run them all simultaneously
  • Visit this forum (it is messy but may help) forum.
  • DLVPlayerSE could be downloaded as full package (nothing to install anymore except KLiteCode pack) or like a standalone program. In the second case you may download and install (if needed) FFPlay and VLC players (DLVPlayer will ask their location when needed).
  • Please do not think I have a big profit developing DLVPlayer

Link to downloads page

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